Exploring Modern Trends and Ideas in Outdoor Sign Design

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It’s no secret that minimalist styles for outdoor signs are making a real comeback when it comes to their increased popularity in this day and age. While a lot of people focused more on flashy signs and electronic, LED signage that showed a lot of information in a short amount of space, these days business owners are aiming for a less invasive visual approach that focuses primarily on unique appearances, suggestive colors and styles, and a simple design that focuses on a single goal: to capture people’s attention in a positive, attractive way.

What to Take Into Account

Outdoor signs are a lot harder to design than indoor signs, because they have far more competition. An outdoor sign has to compete with loud, unexpected noises, a constantly changing landscape and the occasional chatter and erratic movement of people going by. As you go by a shop while taking a walk, you’ll notice that you are less likely to notice their signs if they are just blending in with the crowd – no matter how flashy or easy to spot they might seem upon closer inspection.

This is because, aside from competing with the landscape and environment, the sign also has to compete with other signs. With each sign trying to get as much attention as possible, through high contrast themes, wacky fonts and flashy lights, it can be hard to avoid sensory overload while simply glancing at them.

Why a Simple Design Might Be Better 

Newer trends suggest a simpler appearance for outdoor signs for a number of reasons:

  • It helps people distinguish a clear focus and zero in on it.
  • As you look at the sign from a long distance away, it will stand out among the turmoil and chaos of the surrounding signage.
  • You’ll find it also has a clear and clean appearance that almost immediately draws your attention.
  • It prevents the sensory overload we were talking about.
  • Unlike most other signs, it will also create a simple and straightforward point of focus that you can relate to and keep in mind with ease. A simple sign will not require a lot of thinking and interpretation, so it can easily be spotted and remembered by people passing by.

All that being said, the minimalist appearance of your outdoor sign will still need to have certain, defining qualities that makes it stand out. For instance, single color LEDs will make it more easily visible at night, as opposed to multiple colors that can mesh with the surrounding lights and even act as camouflage sometimes. Some trends also show that unique colors work to combine with the lighting due to it being reflected in just the right way to create an image that will remain clear even while being viewed from dozens of feet away. You will want to check with local companies that create outdoor business signs near me to find out what their experts recommend for your particular business.

Finally, 3D effects, carvings, emboss features, faux shadows and the integration of your logo into unique crests and framing patterns can also work as a great way to make your outdoor signs stand out. As long as you use the right design that fits in with your company’s message and goals, you’ll find that your sign will definitely give you an edge over your competitors.