Why and How to Use Stem Cell Therapy – Denver Providers and What You Should Know about the Process

When it comes to stem-cell therapy, Denver gives home to several laboratories and medical practices that provide not only consultation, but actual therapeutic solutions. The process of using stem cells for treatment involves using the patient’s own cells to repair damaged tissues, therefore it minimizes the risk of rejection and offers numerous other benefits as well – here is what the therapy involves and how Denver clients can enjoy the best treatment.

What is, in fact, Stem-Cell Therapy?

Stem cells appear in the human embryo at very early stages of development – these are the cells that later on develop into the body’s organs. While initially, medical scientists thought that the last moment when stem cells can be collected for storage is when the baby is born, from the blood in the umbilical cord, further medical research has proved that the cells continue to be present in our bodies and can be taken even in adulthood, from tissues in the bone marrow, the brain and in the muscles. What makes stem cells so special is that they are unspecialized cells, which means that they can be transformed into almost any kind of human tissue and they can be efficiently used for generating replacements for other cells. The stem cell therapy Denver institutions and laboratories do exactly that: they take a sample of the patient’s stem cells and turn them into the type of tissue needed for restoring the patient’s health.

stem cell therapy

The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Besides the minimal risk of rejection, the treatment with the patient’s own stem cells comes with numerous further benefits:

  • A minimally invasive form of treatment – any surgery, even the smallest involves risks, but with stem cell therapy, the risks can be reduced to the barest minimum. The cells are collected from the patient’s bone marrow in pelvic area or from adipose tissue on the patient’s thigh, through a minor incision;
  • Used for the treatment of a wide range of illnesses – the conditions that are considered or being tested for treatment with the help of stem cells include many different health issues from osteoarthritic pain, atherosclerosis, brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, strokes, heart failure, hair loss, vision impairment, hypertension, various forms of cardiovascular illnesses, neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis and there is continuous research conducted into the new treatment options offered by stem cell;
  • Accelerated healing – stem cells are considered as an approach to accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal, therefore recovery after stem cell treatment is hoped to be much faster that the time needed for recovering after traditional forms of treatment;
  • Accelerated healing for wounds and incisions as well – there is testing to see if stem cells can help incisions and other wounds heal much faster and to see if they work even in the case of chronic wounds;
  • Short treatment – the time necessary for completing the treatment is also very short, it usually takes only a couple of weeks.

The Bottom Line

Colorado patients have various option to benefit from the advanced technologies of stem cell therapy Denver companies and laboratories have to offer – the state being a center for the development of medical technologies, the treatment option is available from many different health care providers and institutions.