Why Consider Dental Implants?

Things To Consider For Dental Implants

Dental implants are more than great dental replacement solutions – they are the latest, most modern solutions that offer spectacular results, great comfort and lifelong durability. Here are some of the features of dental implants that should convince you use them.

Almost Everyone is a Suitable Candidate

In the past, dental implants could be used only on patients whose bone density was adequate in the area where the implants were intended. However, the science and the technology behind the solution have evolved so much that today almost everyone can have dental implants. The patients whose bone density is considered insufficient can undergo a minor intervention called bone grafting, during which a small piece of artificial bone is inserted underneath the gum to stimulate bone production in the area and the implants are then installed into this reinforced area.

A Permanent Solution

While dental bridges and dentures come with a warranty of around 10-15 years, dental implants can last for a lifetime, the special, titanium alloys and the advanced, durable materials that implants are made from as well as the lengthy and thorough installation procedure guarantee that. The process of installing dental implants starts with inserting a titanium screw under the patient’s gum. This initial phase is followed by a healing period of around 4-6 months, during which the jawbone fuses with the screw. When the healing and the integration is complete, an abutment is added on the top of the screw, followed by another period of healing, then the crown of the implant is mounted on the top. The lengthy process is necessary to make sure that the artificial tooth is perfectly accepted and integrated by the body, thus ensuring the unparalleled durability and safety of the implant.

An Attractive Solution that Looks, Feels and Works Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants come with no restriction or limitation in terms of the intensity of chewing or the foods that the patient can enjoy. Dental implants don’t shift or make strange noises either and the advanced technologies used for making the crown ensure that your implant will perfectly blend in with your other teeth in terms of shape as well as in terms of color.

Good for the Jaw and the Other Tooth as well

The jawbone in the gap left behind by an extracted or lost tooth starts losing bone density – a process that has not only a local impact, but that affects the surrounding teeth as well as the facial structure. The procedures used for installing dental implants stimulates the body’s own abilities to restore and to create new bone tissue, therefore it stimulates the entire jaw to repair itself and it enables the entire face to get back its pre-extraction shape.

Easy Cleaning

Dental implants are just as easy to clean as healthy, natural teeth – unlike dental bridges or dentures, dental implants Skokie dentists do, don’t require any special cleaning methods or substances. Dental implants also provide the additional benefit of not developing cavities or infections, so the solution is safe, convenient and comfortable.