Working with Marijuana: Do Dispensaries Actually Do Background Checks?

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The cannabis industry continues to grow in the United States, and what was already a $50 billion industry as early as 2018 is now even bigger and faster growing than ever before.

If you want to work at a marijuana dispensary, it’s important to know that, while the demand for new workers is high, and the pay is great, dispensaries are actually required to do background checks on all of their employees. This is part of the government’s desire to make sure that at least the legal part of the marijuana industry is kept under control at all times.

Marijuana Dispensaries and Their Background Checks

Depending on the state you’re in, the rules associated with background checks regarding marijuana dispensaries and their employees can differ to some extent. However, in most cases the main rules are similar, and they mainly have to do with felonies associated to drugs, but also with past violations of other serious laws as well.

Basically, if you have any kind of record related to a felony committed against someone or linked to improper drug use, you can save yourself the trouble and just avoid applying for a job at any dispensary. Felonies are the biggest issues, followed closely by firearm crimes and, of course, narcotic crimes that aren’t felonies. In that last one there might be some wiggle room, since you won’t necessarily be disqualified, if more than 5 years have passed since you were released from supervision on a charge of illegal possession.

Why Are Background Checks Required?

Background checks are mainly needed so that marijuana dispensaries can maintain order and ensure that the law is maintained while distributing cannabis-related drugs and products used for recreational use. Without employees who are responsible and able to exercise restraint and diligence, it is possible for some type of abuse to happen, either resulting from the improper use or distribution of drugs, or from more serious offenses that may be intensified by the use of recreational marijuana.

Most dispensaries will be extremely strict about their background checks, since they are also evaluated by the government and strictly watched to ensure that they are able to maintain order. Basically, if they are lenient when it comes to weeding out the people who might risk improper conduct, no one in the organizations that govern them will show them the same kind of leniency, and they can even face some debilitating fines and charges.

Should You Consider Working for a Marijuana Dispensary?

If you know that you haven’t had any type of history with illegal drug use, felonies or offenses related to drugs and firearms that are non-felonies (and that happened less than 5 years ago), you can consider working for a marijuana dispensary. However, if you’ve had prior history with any of these issues, then it’s best to not even try.

The marijuana industry needs as many new and responsible workers as possible, however, so as long as your record is clean, there is no reason to hold back Visit a dispensary Pueblo West location, and ask about what you have to do to get a job with them. You might find they are more than willing to help you out!